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Devoted to SeaTac residents, Peter Kwon is improving SeaTac.

Peter is a 34 year resident of the area, compassionately invested in SeaTac:

"I bought my first house in SeaTac because of the affordability, wonderful neighborhoods, and people, and still live in this house. I understand affordability is a big issue and have been working to preserve our affordability by voting to not increase our local property taxes 8 years in a row while increasing public services and bringing in new affordable workforce housing so that people working in SeaTac can afford to live in SeaTac."

Peter has proven his dedication to improving communities:

"I have been very active with our community; organizing neighborhood yard work parties to help people in need of assistance, running a local locking mailbox program to reduce mail theft, and promoting an inclusive welcoming community with a sense of neighborhood belonging and pride. In my spare time I volunteer to deliver food boxes to familes in need and regularly promote and support our local businesses to succeed. It is my neighbors who encouraged me to run for City Council so together we can make SeaTac better."

Peter's locally educated with international reach:

"I attended the University of Washington and Bellevue College, majoring in Computer Science and Networking Systems. I've worked for Boeing, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and currently work as a Systems Engineer for a local technology company with global operations. I've also completed formal training on Municipal Leadership, Public Policy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and am a Certified Municipal Leader by the Association of Washington Cities. As an immigrant myself, I'm fluent in two languages and often provide free translation services."

Peter understands what SeaTac residents want:

"I am running for re-election to further improve SeaTac, insure proper spending of our tax dollars to keep our cost of living among the lowest in the county, improve public safety, and promote more community involvement so that we can all succeed together."

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